Hi, I’m Priyanka! I am 26 years old and want to live in a world filled with pretty packages and stationery, books that come in a hamper of milk chocolates, and have a limitless credit card to buy all the design and photo supplies I could ever need or want.

As a graphic designer, with more than 5 years of experience, I have worked for Froyoz USA, a national company, and the National Fitness Center, a local Knoxville company, producing promotional print and digital materials and managing their social media accounts. I have recently returned back to college to hone my passion in Photography and Business Marketing and turn it into a profitable career.

The work I produce is primarily concerned with the balance between design that is beautiful, design that is functional and design that is intelligent. I challenge myself to achieve the finest relation between these three aspects in every project, regardless of whether it is design-based or photographic. I believe any work that embodies all three of these qualities sensibly can be enjoyed timelessly.

When I’m not working on designs or out taking photographs, you can find me cooking a variety of different cuisines, hosting game nights with friends or catching up on the latest hit shows and movies on Netflix.

I expect to graduate in May 2019 from Middle Tennessee State University.


I can meet with you or connect with you in any way that works for you to discuss the scope of the project and help you to define your goals. Each subsequent meeting will allow us to refine the design and finalize any remaining details, after which I will provide you with a quote with considerations to your budget. Upon accepting the proposal, I would begin to start working on your project utilizing all my skills to create exactly what you want and to bring your vision to life. I will work closely with you at every stage of the creative process to ensure your satisfaction.



Whether it is logo design, branding or advertising, I can create whatever you need with the perfect balance between beautiful, intelligent and functional design.



From individual or family portraits to glamorous photo sessions and professional product shots, I have the ability to deliver what you need in the style you want.

Web Design

I can create personalized websites that communicate your information easily while retaining your viewers attention with a practical and visual appeal.

Recent Clients

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